Lawine Torrèn DOWNFALL – Flashback
Installation 3,5 Std., performative presentation 40‘

On November 5th, 1768, a meteorite falls with a roar from the darkened sky above Mauerkirchen. The farmer's wife Apollonia Bart finds it the next day. DOWNFALL first invites guests to the experimental site of Lawine Torrèn in Moosdorf to observe a stone weighing tons in its fall. The seismic shaking will be joined as a floor choreography to a film. The performative presentation including the rock takes place at SZENE Salzburg.

Dance Simon Chatelain, Jadwiga Mordarska, Kim Ceysens, Barbara Földesi
Film Stefan Aglassinger
Photos Bernhard Müller
Choreography Hubert Lepka, Lawine Torrèn Funded by Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Land Oberösterreich, BMKÖS
Co-produced by Szene Salzburg

• Lawine Torrèn is a network of artists directed by Hubert Lepka. Together, the dancers, actors, technicians, authors, media-artists, photographers, and musicians turn lanscapes into stages for unprecedented performances. Like in film they handcraft significance by choreographic rearrangements of reality. A farm in Moosdorf close to Salzburg is their headquarter.

Stefan Ebner in concert

  Solo Guitar & Vocal, 20' 

s a contemporary songwriter and tells a lyrical and powerful story about emotional borderline situations and the difficulties of finding one's way as a highly sensitive person.

Singer/Songwriter, Loopartist Stefan Ebner
Photo Alfred Angerer