Rosana Ribeiro / Selva

Trio, 60 Min., Premiere

Fungi are omnipresent, they profoundly shape the world we live in. Fungi grow everywhere, and yet many of us think of them as a hostile life form. Just like fungi, humans, too, enter into parasitic and symbiotic relationships if it suits their networking needs. 

concept, choreography Rosana Ribeiro in collaboration with devising performers Verena Pircher, Tomaž Simatović, Jadwiga Mordarska 
rehearsal director Melissa Ugolini 
sound design, composition Peter Kastner 
costume Sara Chéu 
light design Heide Tömpe 
thank you to Bernhard Müller, Phil Rirsch, Daniel Rico, Caro Eisl
production Selva
funded by Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg, Bildrecht
creation support by SZENE Salzburg, D.ID Dance Identity, tanz_house, Nãm Mushroom Farm, Flachgauer Biopilze
Photo by Maja Mirek

Rosana Ribeiro * 1989 in Portugal
Rosana Ribeiro a Portuguese-Brazilian choreographer and performer, now living in Salzburg. Circus School Chapitô, BA in Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK. Collaborations with Jean Abreu, Hofesh Shechter, James Wilton, Kim Brandstrup, São Castro & António Cabrita, among others. Engagements in opera productions at the Royal Opera House, English National Opera and the Barbican Centre. Founded the dance theatre company Selva with Verena Pircher in 2021.