In the days of Stravinsky and Nijinsky, dance pieces were not full-length. Today, on this evening of short acts, there is an encouraging variety of dancing, performing, reading, discussing, illuminating..


Zavod Flota
Blue Ink

Duo, 15 Min.

The absurdities of bureaucracy restrict and shackle people. The performance is a reflection on the imbalance between personal and political spheres. A state of unworthiness, fear, isolation, power as well as the fragility of trust.

choreography Enya Belak
co-creation, performance Jerca Rožnik Novak, Kirin Alejandro España Orozco
co-creation Gabor Ivanov
dramaturgy Eva Posedel
composition, sound design Lou Barnel
light design Janko Oven
costume design Andrej Vrhovnik
produced by FLOTA Ljubljana, Flota zavod, Murska Sobota, co-produced by Plesni Teater Ljubljana, supported by Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana 

Jerca Rožnik Novak * 1992 in Slowenien
Currently lives in Vienna. MA in dance education at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz. Engagements with Willi Dorner, Gisela Elisa Heredia, Matjaž Farič, Johannes Wieland, Vita Osojnik, Johannes Randolf, Damian Cortes Alberti, Andreja Podrzavnik. Member of SILK Fluegge and editta braun company since 2014.

Enya Belak * 1992 in Slowenien
Is a filmmaker, choreographer. After graduating from the Goldsmiths University London with an MA in Directing Fiction Films, Enya participated in many film and dance-focused projects. Enya collaborates with Aerowaves, a European network for contemporary dance, she devises various audiovisual productions and films dance performances in virtual reality. 

Kirin Alejandro España Orozco *1990 in Österreich
Performer, dancer, choreographer, dramaturge with Guatemalan roots. Collaborations with the inclusive dance association Ich bin O.K. in Vienna, SILK Fluegge, Körperverstand and Dschungel Wien. In addition, he leads numerous dance projects and dance courses, as well as theater projects and social projects in the artistic field.


Martin Kilvady

The Occasional Worker

 Solo, 16 min.

When I lie down, closing my eyes, I exhale quietly. Hands filled with subtle tremolo. Watching around, watching through my skin. The music is willing to lift me up, I accept the invitation. Draining into the ground, the dance is being born and the performance is unfolding. 

All functions and credits Martin Kilvady 

Martin Kilvady * 1974 in der Slowakei
1998 Master of Arts and becomes in 1997 member of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker’s ROSAS. Works 2001 - 2004 with Roberto Olivan, 2002–2004 with the circus company Rital Brocante. Since 2003 member of Thomas Hauer’s company ZOO. Martin Kilvady is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Collective. He has created more than 30 of his own creations, conducts ongoing movement research and has been teaching for more than 25 years.