Anna Müller & Eva Müller
melted snow and rising heroes

Quintett, 60 Min., Premiere

Glowing anime creatures take you into a mystical and shrill world of music, dance, costume and ritual in which the boundaries between audience, performance and clubbing become blurred. The audience is invited to celebrate a new togetherness in a  shared heroic bath of strength. 

idea, concept, choreography, dance: Eva Müller
concept, choreography, dance: Anna Müller 
dance: Emmanuelle Vinh, Kamil Mrozowski 
concept, composition, music, live performance: Maurizio Nardo aka brttrkllr
design, space, costume: Roberto Gagliano 
visuals: Jonathan Raphael Maria Hanny 
funded by: BMKÖS, Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg, OFFTANZ TIROL
photo by Maja Mirek 

Anna Müller * 1980 in Austria
& Eva Müller * 1974 in Austria
Anna Müller and Eva Müller have been artistically connected to each other since 2018 and have been realising artistic ideas together since 2019, characterised by interdisciplinarity and innovation, involving creative minds from a wide range of artistic disciplines. Music, costume design and movement combine to create colourful, shrill or gloomy atmospheres.