Duo, 30 Min., Premiere

Farah and Olivia share a long-standing friendship. In their duet, they embark on a journey through diverse life situations and numerous movement patterns – in the process, they continually find new perspectives, insights and modes of expression. 

choreography, dance Farah Deen, Olivia Mitterhuemer 
music Kwamé Ba
light design Stefan Ebner 
styling Magdalena Neuburger 
outside eyes Tina Rauter, Bert Gstettner, Khoudia Touré 
funded by Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg, ACT OUT, Bildrecht
many thanks to POOL – Raum für Kultur St. Gallen, Tanz*Hotel Vienna, CND Pantin, Toihaus Theater Salzburg, Bears in the Park Vienna
photo by Ulrich Gruchmann-Bernau

Potpourri  - Farah Deen & Olivia Mitterhuemer  * both 1990 in Austria
The dance collective Potpourri Dance moves between the expressive richness of hip hop and house dance culture and contemporary art. Since 2006, they have been working to make niche dance styles accessible to a wider audience through broad-based performance and management skills. Founded the international street dance festival Flavourama in Salzburg in 2009, which attracts more than 2000 visitors every year and is known worldwide. www.potpourri.dance

Juliana Vargas Rodríguez & Júlia Borbála Farkas


 Duo, 30 min.

It is repetitive, it is constantly there. As time goes by, the impact grows. Maybe it’s not only a joke. Probably it’s not only a comment. How are stereotypes maintained? 

dance, choreography, idea Juliana Vargas Rodriguez, Júlia Borbála Farkas
script and voice Jonathan Eduadro Brito
Photo by Maja Mirek

Júlia Borbála Farkas * 1999 in Ungarny
Is a cosmopolitan who’s having her contemporary dance and pedagogy studies at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. She has no expectations ut curiosity and two scars on her right forearm.

Juliana Vargas Rodríguez * 2000 in Colombia
22 years old. She has worked with a ballet dance company and a contemporary dance collective. She is currently based in Linz. Studying dance performance and pedagogy at Anton Bruckner Private University, making burgers in a bar, and enjoying life. She is interested in the possibilities, limits, relations, and liberation of the body.