Weakness and strength, search and cry: two strong female solos by the editta braun company in one evening in two extraordinary stage spaces - one dewy fresh, the other tried and tested in eight years of touring from Austria to Senegal via Germany, Mexico and Greece ...

Editta Braun * 1958 in Austria
Dancer, choreographer and director, one of the founders of contemporary dance in Austria. 1982 degree in sports science and German literature, dance training in New York and Paris. 1989 foundation of the editta braun company, since then annual creations. From 1996 close collaboration with the musician and composer Thierry Zaboitzeff. Touring worldwide, international collaborations. Numerous prizes and awards.


editta braun company & Iris Heitzinger

Solo, 45 Min.

Paula tells of loneliness and restlessness, of the longing for life and the victory of the human: A woman trapped in herself, painfully entangled and limited in the midst of lifeless metal objects. Memory and imagination help to escape... 

dance, creation, performance Iris Heitzinger
artistic direction, creation Editta Braun 
composition Thierry Zaboitzeff
stage set Arturas Valudskis
light design Thomas Hinterberger 
dramaturgy Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau
inspired by Marlene Haushofer: Die Wand (Hamburg 1968),
Sten Nadolny: Ein Gott der Frechheit (München 1994)
funded by: BMKÖS, Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg
co-produced by: l'Estruch Sabadell
photo by Maja Mirek

Iris Heitzinger * 1980 in Österreich
Choreographer, dancer, university lecturer. Special interest in collaborative processes i.a. with musicians, scientists, actors, etc. Focus on the investigation of the concept of empathy, both as a human-individual attitude and as a political gesture. Significant elements of her work: virtuosity in the field of live improvisation, humour, lightness and touching depth. 

editta braun company & Maja Mirek


 Solo, 30 min.

Bare walls, two vertical cloths. Suggestive sounds lure a young woman out of her cocoon. Attempts at walking, conquering space, self-empowerment through language ... A rope and belt system significantly expands the movement vocabulary vertically and horizontally. 

dance, acting, choreography Maja Mirek
artistic direction, choreography, idea, stage set Editta Braun 
composition Thierry Zaboitzeff 
dramaturgy Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau
light design Thomas Hinterberger 
funded by BMKÖS, Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg
photo by Ulrich Gruchmann-Bernau 

Maja Mirek * 1991 in Polen
BA in journalism, MA in interactive media, driven by the desire to heal the world, she changed her life by dancing. Graduate of dance studies at ABPU in Linz. Works in different universes: as choreographer, dancer, teaching artist, photographer and manager of a jazz bar with live music. Currently working in Tanzcompagnie Gießen and editta braun company.