tanz_house Artists

​Editta Braun, Helene Weinzierl, Rosana Ribeiro, Iris Heitzinger, Julia Schwarzbach Marion Hackl, Anna Maria Müller, Tomaž Simatović, Beda Percht, Hubert Lepka

About tanz_house

tanz_house: an association of freelance choreographers based in Salzburg. They work and produce within an international context but are nevertheless committed to each other and the city and county of Salzburg - through various parameters like artistic trajectories, friendship, joint dedication for dance, shared projects, the fight for recognition and funding, enlivenment of the theatre ARGEkultur and much more. 

Founded in 1999 - emerging from "bewegungstheater vorgänge" and  "Freien Produzenten Salzburg" - tanz_house is today a constant element within the Austrian dance and performance scene. 

The activities of the tanz_house association are based on two main axes: the choreographic production centre tanz_house studio, located in the ARGEkultur, and the tanz_house festival, a two-week national and international festival in October that focuses on the presentation of Salzburg premieres by tanz_house artists.

​tanz_house artists
Editta Braun, Marion Hackl, Iris Heitzinger, Hubert Lepka, Anna Maria Müller, Beda Percht, Rosana Ribeiro, Julia Schwarzbach, Tomaž Simatović, Helene Weinzierl

tanz_house studio 
Salzburg choreographers and companies develop their pieces in the tanz_house studio. 
At the same time, it is also a place for open company training, specialist workshops and a meeting place for the professional freelance dance and performance scene as well as for those who are only working in the city temporarily. Almost all productions by tanz_house members are created there, and the tanz_house studio is also an ideal space for try-outs and work-in-progress shows.