Tomaž Simatović & András Meszerics

Quintett, ca. 70 Min., Premiere

Two men in flannel shirt flirt with the future. Friction: a force exerted by a surface against an object moving across it. The naked body moving across the floor as an act of confrontation. A poetic encounter. A vision of a place, somewhere. 

concept, performance: Tomaž Simatović, András Meszerics 
funded by Land Salzburg
photo by Ulrich Gruchmann-Bernau

Tomaž Simatović * 1978 in Slowenien und András Meszerics * 1994 in Ungarn Tomaž Simatović & András Meszericsre two performing artists based in Salzburg. Since 2018 they have been collaborating artistically (Extraordinarily Intolerable, bodyspeaking, Shrinking Space, and Good Question). András is a performing artist, poet, singer and song writer. Tomaz works as a choreographer, performing artist, teacher and