tanz fest is the name of the game from 5 to 13 October, when the tanz_house festival gathers Salzburg's performance community at the ARGEkultur and presents a multi-layered programme of current contemporary perspectives and a status quo of the artistic work of the internationally networked dance scene on site. The association of freelance Salzburg choreographers invites you to discover the art form of dance as food for the soul, as a source of impetus and rhythm and as an appreciation of togetherness in the here and now. 

Premieres by CIELAROQUE/Helene Weinzierl, Olivia Mitterhuemer & Farah Deen/Potpourri, Rosana Ribeiro/Selva, Juliana Vargas Rodríguez & Júlia Borbála Farkas, Stefan Ebner, Tomaž Simatović & András Meszerics as well as works by editta braun company, Martin Kilvady, Anna & Eva Müller and many more will be shown. 

Special features of the programme are a short acts evening that combines different genres such as dance, performance, literature, science & discourse, as well as a photo project by two artists who accompanied the rehearsal processes of the works shown in the festival photographically and from this conceived an exhibition in the ARGEkultur as well as the illustration of the programme booklet.

The performance programme is accompanied by open yoga for everyone units and an open floor for everyone dance area in front of the ARGEkultur, which invites the audience to linger before and after the performances and to move and dance together.

Artists: Clemens Ansorg  •  Editta Braun  •  Alberto Cissello  •  Farah Deen  •  Martina De Dominicis  •  Stefan Ebner​  •  Júlia Borbála Farkas  •  Ulrich Gruchmann-Bernau  •  Iris Heitzinger  •  Martin Kilvady  •  Barbara Klein  •  Maja Mirek  •  Anna Müller  •  Eva Müller  •  Christian Lorenz Müller  •  Kirin Alejandro España Orozco  •  Olivia Mitterhuemer  •  Rosana Ribeiro  •  Jerca Rožnik Novak  •  András Meszerics, Juliana Vargas Rodriguez  •  Tomaž Simatović  •  Astrid Weger-Purkhart  •  Helene Weinzierl

Download festival booklet here...