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Klaudia Gründel de Keijzer


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Stefan Ebelsberger


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In der ARGEkultur Salzburg

Ulrike Gschwandtner Straße 5

5020 Salzburg, Erdgeschoß

Technische Ausstattung


control desk:      Eurolight LC2412 (DMX 512, 24 presets, 120 cues,…)

dimmer:     1 x Electron E1550DC, 6x10A

     2 x Stairville D610, 6x10A

     all dimmers driven by one single CEE 5x32A (20kW max)!!!

fixtures:     6 x profile spot 50° chinese Source4 clone, 600W

     4 x profile spot ETC Source4 Junior 25-50°, 575W

     5 x floodlight asym., 1kW

     12 x PAR64 CP62, 1kW


mixer:     Yamaha MW10C (2xMIC, 2xMIC/Line-Stereo, 1xRCA-In)

cd player:     Yamaha CDX 396, Philips CD 713

PA:     Peavey CS800 stereo amplifier

     t.amp TA2400 stereo amplifier

     2 x Boss GE131 graphic-EQ, 31 band

     1 x dB technologies ASX18 stereo X-Over

     2 x Top Peavey ES 315

     2 x Sub Peavey Bass Flex


VHS-player:     Schaub Lorenz

DVD-player:     Yamaha S520

projector 1:     Sony VPL CS5, 1800 ANSI-Lumen (can be installed and operated by everybody)

projector 2:     Panasonic DLP PT-DZ6710, WUXGA 1920x1200 pixel, 6000 ANSI-Lumen, 820W, 16kg

lens:     Panasonic fixed focus lens ET-DLE050, 0.8:1, 0.7kg

!!! setup and operation with technician only !!!

screen:     rollable grey opera screen, approx. w=3m, h=2m


dimensions:     width upstage 13m, width downstage 11m

     depth 9m for performances with audience/tribune

     depth 13m for rehearsals w/o audience/tribune

dancefloor: PVC black

the lighting grid is made of 48mm steel pipes: grid size 1m x 1m, grid height 4.3m

the stage is surrounded by black curtains moveable on a rail.

for projection purpose we have an additional white backdrop on a rail close to the upstage wall.

additional are five mobile mirrors (h=2m, w=1.4m) available.